Lightings are probably the most spoken words by the photographers. Some of non-professional hobbyist photographers may not bother about lights and may not be known to the importance of the lights. Generally for the outsiders, Camera is the only factor and device of getting good photos. The real fact isthe lightings are the essential factor that effects the quality of photography.

The angles, shadows, brightness, dullness,color, texture, contrast and much more technical parameters of capturing photos are depending on the proper lightings. In other hands lightings add value, feelings, expressions, state of mind, theme and many other natural and real things to the photos.

Manipulation of lighting is an art. Theskilled photographer should know about the lights. Based on the source manipulation of lights may vary. If we are dealing with the natural light source, most probably the sun and sometimes the moon, we should be able to move the camera position or the position of the object that are to be captured. This is important in order to get the proper lightings on the output. Since the natural light sources are not flexible with, we need to switch it to the made up light sources. With the artificial light source, we will be getting more flexibility in the color, shape, position, intensity and also the duration of the constant light. There are a plenty of devices to get the controlled light sources though, we need to still depend on the natural light source when it comes to natural, live and real photography.