Ever tried to get back your memories to the past and wondered how the devices in the past evolved now. That is tremendous in fact. Every devices that we are using will be outdated or upgraded over the years. We can’t deny this process even for our favorite devices. Thinking about the most passionateprofessional devices in the past will be more historical and interesting. Yes, Camera – the most passionate devices.

The first Camerastarted to capture the world more than 200 years ago. Actually that was the partially successful one which is invented by Nicéphore Niépce approximately back in 1816. If you haveguessed it, Great. Camera is older than the Computers. And the guy who invented it (Nicéphore Niépce) became the “Father of Photography”. The first photograph in the world has been captured out of his own device. Though it is just partial successful capturing machine, that was the starting point of all the DSLRs SLRs and other advanced current photography devices.

Actually the idea of Camera has beenstarted in Thousands of years ago. But the practical proof for those concepts took its time. History started evolving there. Many inventors started researchon capturing images. The photographic film was keyed by George Eastman who named his first Camera with fils as Kodak and first available for the sale in 1888. Then comes a long story that gained a passage everyday. And now we have the Cameras in almost everyone’s pocket. Ready to wonder what the future will bring to us.